Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ready and Waiting

Hey guys i am starting this blog for my upcoming trip to the U.S.A and now that i have a camera i will be able to upload and share all my memory's with everyone.

I am halfway there i already have the passport,plane ticket and a cash passport all i need to do now is wait.  How fun! I am so excited, as this will be my first time out of Australia. I hope this will be a trip of a lifetime and from what i have heard about where we are going, i think it will be. I hope that when i am in the U.S.A i will get to meet a lot of interesting people... i am sure i will. I really hope i don't get jet lag.

When in the U.S.A i hope to learn more about the wonderful country and great land marks that i get to visit, and i look forward to sharing them with you.